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Emma Moad is a 7-figure entrepreneur, who has founded, owned, operated, and performed the role of CEO for multiple business within the tourism, experiential entertainment and recreation industries.

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And so EMPWR was born. The core belief at the heart of EMPWR is that just because a business is small, doesn't mean it can't and shouldn't benefit from expert skills, experience and knowledge. 

Emma still performs the role of Fractional CEO for two of the businesses that she founded with her husband, but she realised that whilst his passion was in bringing people joy through adventurous experiences, her passion was in building the businesses themselves. And she had a strong call to help others do the same.

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​So many small businesses fail, or founders give up, because they feel as though they have to go it alone. You start your business, armed with a great idea, a willingness to work your butt off and a heap of enthusiasm, and you battle it out. Trying and failing. Learning lessons the hard way, and sometimes it can take a LONG time to see the fruits of your labour.​ For the business to be giving you the freedom, flexibility and balance you dreamed it would some day.

Emma’s Fractional CEO services make it so much simpler. You get to bring on someone who had been there, done that. Whose learnt those hard lessons and can show you how much faster you can move when you have the right skills, knowledge and support.

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