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Finding that ground-breaking, world-changing business idea.

finding the perfect business idea

When it comes to starting your own business, so many of us trip at the first hurdle. We know we WANT to have our own business, to work for ourselves and create a life of freedom and fulfilment. But… we don’t exactly know what that business is. So many of us struggle with finding a business idea. We overthink, convinced that our business has to be new, different, innovative. And when we don’t get that brilliant, blinding, flash of genius… we give up.

So, let's challenge the notion that a business has to be a unique, out-of-the-box, world-changing idea, and start to accept that actually, your business can, on the surface, be quite ordinary and still produce extraordinary results.

Ever wondered why there are SO many people selling candles? Or earrings? Or screen-printed t-shirts? It’s because there are an incredible amount of people looking to purchase those items. Contrary to common belief, stepping into a market already bustling with similar businesses can be a strategic move. A thriving market is a sign of demand—people actively seeking a particular product or service. But, don’t be fooled into thinking that simply entering a market or industry like this is a guarantee of success. Whether your business shoots the lights out, lives or dies with how you make your mark and stand out amongst the rest.

Uncover your ‘unique selling proposition’ (USP)

Every successful business has a unique selling proposition, that special something that sets it apart. Often, this uniqueness comes from you, the founder—your personality, your approach, your story. Your business may simply be unique because you - the owner - are a unique individual. Even if your business concept seems familiar, the way you execute it is inherently different because it's uniquely yours. Embrace the fact that you're doing it your way, bringing your distinct perspective and flavour to an existing product or service. The key is to focus on honing and refining what that ‘thing’ is, and whether you can make it appealing and marketable to your ideal customer.

“But I’m just an ordinary gal/guy/person, nothing unique about me”.

Wrong! No one will do business like you do. No one! Maybe you have a flair for style that doesn’t come naturally to others. Maybe you have an innate sense of how a customer wants to be treated and leaves them feeling treasured and special. Maybe the way you speak about your product is captivating. You DO have something about you that no one else has, I promise. And if you can’t see what that is, start asking those who love you. I guarantee they’ll have a list in no time!

Just get started!!

If you've been sitting on a business idea, hesitant because it doesn't seem groundbreaking enough, remember this: the hardest part of starting a business is starting. Taking that leap, even with an idea that doesn't scream "unique" at first glance, is the only way you’ll truly discover your unique magic.

Remember, the journey to a successful business doesn't demand a world-shattering idea. Instead, it's about finding a product or service that you can get truly excited about and then finding your unique place within that market. Don't shy away from the familiar, if that’s what lights you up; embrace it, refine it, and make it yours. Your authenticity is your strength, and the courage to start is your gateway to success.

I'm sure we don't have to tell you that we can help you with all this stuff, right? Just send us a message, and let's get you STARTED!!


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