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What is a Fractional CEO?

Understanding the role of a Fractional CEO

If you Google 'Fractional CEO', or better yet, have a look on Linkedin at people offering those services, you'll quickly get an idea as to what has traditionally been the role of a Fractional CEO. Very high-level (generally, male) executives with decades of experience, at the tail end of their careers. Charging mega-bucks to perform the role of CEO for larger companies during periods of transition (between permanent CEOs, during mergers etc).

At EMPWR, we've taken the concept of a Fractional CEO and turned it on it's head. We loved the idea of small to medium-sized businesses, being able to utilise the skills and expertise of experienced entrepreneurs and small business owners, to get all the benefits of a CEO, on a smaller scale. And so, EMPWR hub Fractional CEO services were born.

What exactly is an EMPWR Fractional CEO?

It's an experienced, tried and tested entrepreneur/business operator/CEO working with you on a part-time, outsourced basis to support you to level up your business. Every Fractional CEO package will look different, as it will be tailored specifically to where you (the founder) and your business are currently at, and where you want to be.

Not a Replacement, But an Enhancement

An EMPWR Fractional CEO is not necessarily here to replace a founder (unless you're ready to ditch all that running-a-business stuff and outsource it!) but rather serves as a strategic ally or business best-friend. Their expertise and fresh perspective enable them to objectively assess your business, offering insights, and identifying areas for improvement as well as developing the strategies and actions for implementation.

Mentorship with a Hands-On Approach

Let's be clear: a Fractional CEO isn't a coach (although, no doubt some of those conversations will happen). While they will serve as a mentor, their primary focus is getting intimately acquainted with your business and being hands-on in the determination and implementation of strategies for enhancement.

Beyond Strategy: Getting it done

An EMPWR Fractional CEO isn't an arms-length approach. They're going to get in there and support you in doing the doing! Whether it's refining strategies or fine-tuning systems, they're dedicated to propelling you and your business toward success.

An EMPWR Fractional CEO isn't just an external consultant; they're a collaborator invested in your success. They'll want to know you, know your business and your team and most of all, want to see you living the life you started your business to achieve.


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